The idea of making your swimming pool area more stylish may seem daunting, but it actually isn’t that difficult. Try some of these easy to follow poolside decorating ideas, and you’ll have a space so appealing that you won’t want to leave. 

1. Design with Hand Railings


An often overlooked component when designing a swimming pool, railings are important elements that you can also use to your advantage. An artfully designed safety handrail can add a timeless touch to any swimming pool.

2. Install Modern Non-Slip Floorings


Sprucing up the area around your pool can add a dimension of color and whimsy to your space. Invest in Rephouse Neoflex™ Pool Surround Rubber Flooring. Available in different colors and prints, this excellent surface option can add a bright and attention-grabbing component to your swimming pool. At the same time, this flooring solution’s non-slip properties ensures safety for people of all ages.

3. Keep It Natural


The organic look of timber and tropical plants work very well in a poolside. If you prefer a timber that will fade into grey over time, leave it unoiled. For those who prefer a rich, dark wood tone, choose oiled timber. Adding earthy components turn your pool area into an oasis. In this modern day filled with urban stress, having a quiet spot at home is almost a necessity.

 4. Be Consistent with Style


When choosing the materials to incorporate in your pool’s landscape and design, remember that it must complement the existing look of the house. Stick to a particular color palette or motif. Adding contemporary sun lounges that match your home’s overall design scheme also provide more comfort and improve its overall look.

5. Go For Patterned Tiles


When it comes to choosing tiles for your swimming pool, your choice of patterns will surely make a difference. Investing in patterned and graphic tiles is a great way to make a statement. Transform your pool into a hip and fun place, similar to Hard Rock Hotel’s Wet Play Area, with Neoflex 600 Series Pool Surround Rubber Flooring. A designer’s dream surface, the Neoflex 600 Series features terrazzo style flooring, with sound insulation, flexibility, and durability. It is made entirely of Mixed Colored EPDM Rubber with a thickness of 3mm to 12mm, making it an ideal flooring solution not just for pools, but also for offices, gyms, libraries, cinemas, exhibitions, and concert halls.

Upgrading your swimming pool will not just elevate the general design of your home. It will also give you a beautiful space where you can create many new memories and experiences with family and friends Contact E-sports to know more about our extensive range of products that can help you improve your pool area.

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