There is a growing global movement of people who are choosing expensive exercise regimes, juice cleanses and spa vacations over designer handbags and luxury cars.’s Hayley Phelan dissects this shift in consumer behavior, as people move away from conspicuous consumption towards wellness as luxury. While wellness can come with a hefty price tag, people are now happy to pay premium prices to look and feel good.

How Wellness Evolved


Phelan explains that “Wellness…doesn’t come cheap these days. For most people, spending so much on staying fit and healthy would be a preposterous indulgence, but for a growing percentage of individuals with high discretionary income, wellness has become an important part of the luxury lifestyle. It has become another arena to compare and contrast your personality and lifestyle with others.”

Marketing professor Larry Compeau notes that the 2008 recession in the United States caused shoppers to be more reluctant about purchasing luxury goods and opened up avenues for other kinds of luxury spending. “Since the recession there’s been less of an emphasis on things, and a greater emphasis on experiences. So we see people with means also engaging in extreme vacations and paying more for these extravagant experiences, which might be travel, private flying, or an expensive hobby.”

Showing off about luxury has now moved from designer goods to elite fitness regimens. According to Candice Fragis, senior buyer at luxury activewear outlet Net-a-Sporter, “it’s become very much a brand in itself, the kind of sport and exercise that you do. People are proud of it. They’re not just going to Barry’s Bootcamp or SoulCycle or SLT, they’re wearing the T-shirts.”

The New Fitness Culture

Gyms and fitness clubs need to keep up with these changing customer expectations. With the rise of elite fitness regimes and diverse training options, gym goers now demand more from their gym memberships and personal trainers.

Technogym’s Personal Line marries the best of technology and design to satisfy the most demanding of users. A result of thirty years of research and product development, Technogym has created beautiful design objects created with exclusive materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Personal Line features Technogym’s latest UnityTM console, a “futuristic tablet-like customizable interface with Android technology to ensure a truly interactive training experience. You can swipe, scroll, tap and jump from one activity to another, making training even more challenging and motivating.”


Technogym’s Run Personal received an Honorable Mention at the 2010 Red Dot Design Awards. Its micro-brushed aluminum surface is both beautiful and efficient.


The Recline Personal has an ergonomic adjustable seat that ensures correct posture without straining back muscles. Its technological drive transmission system ensures smooth and silent pedaling.


The Cross Personal is the first total body elliptical trainer with an integrated personal entertainment console. Its quiet movements lets the user fully appreciate the sound quality of its multimedia console.

The diversification and competitiveness of the fitness and gym marketplace requires gym owners and operators to constantly exceed customer expectations. Technogym’s Personal Line, with its luxurious look and interactive consoles, deliver best-in-class quality, durability and aesthetics in one neat package.

Contact us to learn more about Technogym’s Personal Line.

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