Despite the growing interest surrounding futsal, there’s still quite a way to go for it to be considered a premier sport In the Philippines. The local futsal community is relatively small. At the same time, there’s little information available to help people who want to learn more about it. Not to mention, there are only few facilities available for game play. Despite these factors, we know that given the right actions, more people will realize the value of this fun, easy to play and accessible sport. Here are several ways futsal can grow in the Philippines.

Futsal has a small but growing community in the country.

1. Create more discussions about futsal

It is not that surprising to see that futsal has yet to become a large sport in the country due to its minimal exposure and the lack of resources available. Many people mistake it for football while others have simply never heard of the sport. It’s important that information (e.g. sport rules, game schedules and open futsal venues) are accessible to the public, whether through online channels or through mass media and community-based networks.

ThePilipinas Futsal Association is a local futsal organization that aims to promote the sport in the country. They have a 10-year development program, which includes grassroots development, hosting a professional league and providing free futsal clinics in barangays.

The Philippine Muzangs at the AFF Futsal Championship.

Mass media is still one of the best ways to increase awareness.The Muzangs, our Futsal National Team, have started to get some media attention from their stint in the recently concluded ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Futsal Championship. In order for the sport to be further promoted, more focus needs to be placed on the national team and its bright future. Featuring the national team on a larger scale will pave the way for more interest in futsal, causing engagement in the sport to grow.

2. Build more facilities

There aren’t enough futsal facilities available for public use. Right now, the country only has a few courts, with the UA&P Futsal Court being one of the best. Investing in more courts provides access to the people who want to play the sport.

Courtflex Arena Indoor Sports Floor Tiles

In order to begin building more courts, a good flooring system is needed to create high-quality venues. The Courtflex Arena Indoor Sports Floor is a durable and rigid tile surface characterized by its extremely tight fitting structure, thus providing stability during use. The surface solution also lends correct friction to its players, making it ideal for futsal and a variety of other sports.

Check out the E-Sports website to find more information about indoor flooring systems like Courtflex.

3. Promote Futsal in schools

There have been strides in implementing futsal in school sports program and inter-school competition, as evidenced in the recently concluded Philippine Schools Futsal Championship and the PFA-Laguna Youth Cup.

Students playing at the PFA Youth Futsal Cup U16.

Offering futsal in school programs is guaranteed to spark interest in the sport. Making it an option in the curriculum will make students aware of the exciting game. In turn, they will be more motivated to try the sport. Futsal in itself is an excellent exercise and athletic option for children. Not only does it foster quick thinking and camaraderie, it offers numerous health benefits that can develop key skills.

There are still some ways to go before the sport is widely known in the country. With the right initiatives, futsal can become a resounding success and a welcome addition to the dynamic sports environment in the country.

Want to get involved? Contact thePilipinas Futsal Association Inc.

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