In recent years, green design has gained widespread acceptance as the new standard for construction. Environmental sustainability is now a requisite for new building projects in many parts of the world. In the world of athletics and wellness, the desire for environmentally friendly spaces is informing new designs for gyms and sports facilities.

Green Facilities are the new global standard 

“Green facilities” is the term used to describe buildings and spaces that produce at least some of the energy they consume.  They use solar panels, geothermal output, or any renewable energy to power daily operations.

At the same time, green facilities are spaces with strict environmental standards. They have systems for recycling, waste reduction, garbage sorting, and scheduled power use.

What is Technogym’s role in the green movement?


When it comes to sustainable and green design and technology in wellness and sports, Technogym is considered to be one of the most innovative. This Italian company has spent years creating gym and wellness products that are self-sustaining and energy efficient.


Technogym’s Run Now Treadmills use 30% less energy as compared to other treadmill systems. It also has noise reduction properties, enabling a more pleasant and calm workout environment.


Technogym has taken it a bit further by creating another exciting innovation that’s certainly destined to change the way everyone looks at gyms. Technogym’s Red Dot Award-winning Artis equipment line (except the Run series) now features Energy Harvesting technology. This means that the energy expended by people on the devices will be able to power nearly all of the gym’s appliances. This would lower electricity costs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions from dirty power sources. Users are even given the opportunity to monitor their energy production level and even check if their efforts are enough to power a household or office appliance.


Technogym’s new green gym products are a welcome addition to the world of sports and wellness. Once gyms begin to adopt this system in their spaces, gym users will not only be benefitting themselves, but their own communities. In the coming years, we expect to see more innovative and exciting technologies that will change the way we live, work, play and exercise.

Contact E-Sports to learn more about Technogym’s suite of energy efficient products.

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