Seamless flooring systems are made from polyurethane (or PU), the same material used in airplane wings.  These floors are made by pouring the PU on site to making the floor monolithic—no seams or gaps to weaken the floor.  These seamless PU floors are multipurpose and multi-sport, making them suitable for most sport and non-sport activities.  Plus, they are incredibly durable and can last up to 15 years with proper, yet easy, maintenance.

A few months ago, we completed a seamless floor installation at University of Asia and the Pacific. We’ve also shown you 8 benefits of using a seamless sports floor in your facility. In this article, we’d like to present to you why we believe seamless sports floors would be perfect for schools, be it an elementary school with little children or a big university home court.


seamless floors can prevent injury

1. Seamless is Safe

We understand that schools go through great lengths to ensure the physical safety of their students. When fall-related injuries are one of the most common reasons children find their way to emergency rooms, safety is the top priority of schools. Naturally, safety is a big concern when it comes to building a school gym. Students should be allowed to move around with the least likelihood of injury.

This is where seamless PU sports floors can help. For one, the layer of rubber that acts as a shock pad can prevent serious injuries by absorbing some of the impact. You’re less likely to get injured falling on a PU seamless floor than on a concrete floor that has almost zero shock-absorbing qualities. Given this, a seamless floor can help elevate the safety of any sports center or gymnasium.

Seamless systems have excellent anti-slip properties. Concrete and wood, when wet, become slippery and dangerous. Not a seamless PU floor. Students will still be able to move around on a seamless floor even after a mopping.

seamless rubber floors are multipurpose

2. Seamless is Multi-purpose

We know that school gymnasiums are more than a venue of sports events and the training ground for athletes. In reality, the school gym is a testing center, a prom venue, a conference center and an auditorium.

As the heart of a school, the floors of a school gym should be equipped to meet an eclectic range of non-sports activities, such as holding school plays, graduations, proms and exams. Seamless PU floors are designed to withstand these types of activities. There will be no need to worry about high heels scratching the floor or spilled juice disfiguring a portion of the floor.

seamless floors are low maintenance but have high quality

3. Seamless is Low-Maintenance but High-Quality

Schools are busy places. As such, they usually do not have the time or the resources to perform elaborate and expensive maintenance routines of their floors. Most of the time, a quick mop, sweep, and buff is all they have time for.

Luckily, this is all the maintenance seamless sports floors need. The PU topcoat resists moisture and is resistant to the formation of mold, something wooden floors are liable to when not maintained properly. We also recommend regular Maintenance and Repair checks to ensure that your floor maintains the highest level of quality and performance.

But after all this, the ultimate question will still be if the seamless PU floors perform as well as the best-quality wooden floors.  The answer is yes.  E-Sports’ seamless PU sports floor have accreditations, approvals, and recommendations from the International Basketball Association (FIBA), Badminton World Federation (BWF), and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to name just a few.  These accreditations demonstrate that E-Sports’ PU sports flooring can hold its own, and is at par with the highest-quality traditional flooring.

To learn more about our latest seamless sports floor installation in a school, read Bob Guerrero’s article on Yahoo! Sports on the University of Asia and the Pacific’s new sports center.

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