With the typical workday lasting at least 8-9 hours, it’s not surprising that most professionals skip out on going to the gym. However, with gyms and wellness centers becoming more accessible for employees, there’s no longer any excuse to not work out.

An employee checking his email after a workout.

Regular exercise is a great way to be active and stay in excellent shape.

If you need extra motivation to hit the gym after work, take a look at these four great benefits you’re missing out on:

Working Out Makes You Healthier

Employees running on a Technogym treadmill after work.

Working out with the best equipment available, such as Technogym’s Excite+ Cardio Line, is an effective way to remain healthy and fit.

Regular exercise decreases your risk of developing health problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even certain types of cancer. Exercise can also boost your immune system, making you more resistant to common coughs and colds. With improved health, an employee can perform better at work and maintain a spotless attendance record—important factors if you’re gunning for a raise or promotion.

Working Out Improves Your Mood

A female employee doing stretches during her lunch break.

With quick trips to the gym, employees get to enjoy a happier disposition allowing them to perform better at work.

Scientists believe that regular workouts allow the body to balance out brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, the body’s mood regulators. Additionally, endorphins—the brain’s natural happy pill—are also stimulated during and after a workout. When you have a good mood throughout the day, it’s easier and more enjoyable for you to accomplish your daily workload.

Technogym’s Free Weights, ready for employees to use.

Technogym’s Free Weights are effective tools for strength training.

Additionally, exercise is also a great way to fight stress—a common enemy in office environments. For employees living and working in the Makati Central Business District, the Rockwell Club is an accessible premiere fitness destination that promises modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment from Italian wellness company Technogym.

Working Out Increases Your Productivity

Regular exercise helps employees with their careers.

Employees who regularly work out experience improved management skills and increased productivity.

At the end of the workday, your boss has only one question for you: “How much work did you finish today?” Fortunately, a study conducted by British researchers shows that even a quick 30-minute workout during lunch break can improve a person’s productivity by up to 15%. The findings also revealed that any type of physical exercise—from yoga, to strength training, and even cardio—generated positive results.

Working Out Makes You Feel More Motivated

Regular workouts helps employees do better at work.

Daily exercise does not only increase productivity but motivation too.

Alongside increasing productivity, exercise is also known to make people feel more driven. After a workout, you feel a certain sense of accomplishment and pride in completing all your sets and reps, no matter how challenging they were. This positive emotion carries over to the workplace, inspiring employees to tackle tasks they’ve been putting off or perceive as too difficult.

The Alveo Wellness Center, featuring the FORMA Smart Cardio Line, Plurima Smart MultiStation and the ARKE Core Centric Training Kit.

The Alveo Wellness Center is a modern gym outfitted with the latest fitness equipment from Technogym.

With regular trips to the gym, employees can improve both their health and their performance at work. Even better, more and more companies are acknowledging the positive effects of exercise. In Bonifacio Global City, the Alveo Wellness Center is a modern gym for the company’s young professionals. Likewise, Globe Telecom has its Globe Active Center that is equipped with top-of-line fitness equipment such as Technogym’s Forma cardio line and the multifunctional Plurima line.

To know more about modern gyms designed for urban professionals, contact E-Sports today!

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